making this game means the world to me

be sure to check out the awesome music by SPACE BOYFRIEND and SLIME GIRLS as well

OMORI is a surreal psychological horror RPGmaker game. You must travel between two worlds, both welcoming, both concealing the same secrets. Meet new (old) people, fight new (old) enemies, explore your own memories, and uncover some hidden truths along the way (although you wish you hadn’t.) When the time comes, you can only choose one. 

OMORI is a character has been described as a “depressed otaku.”He started off as a character who lived on a blog, which lasted from December 2011 until March 2012.

OMOCAT always envisioned OMORI as a game; and with the help of some friends (and you), the OMORI video game can be brought to life.


My sexual orientation is girls who look like they could beat me up and boys who look like they wouldn’t stand a chance

Endless list of OTPs || DRAMAtical Murder - Clear x Aoba

Aoba-san, I wanted to see you. I’m glad I was able 
to see you again. Truly.
I wanted to see you, Aoba-san…
I love you, Aoba-san.


HINATA/NAEGGI BLUSHING FACE COLLAB WITH YOON who is responsible for ruining my sleeping schedule seriously omg we’ve been talking about how adorable and sadly underrated this moe pairing is like no one understand our pain WHY CANT WE HAVE MORE HINATA/NAEGI IN THIS FANDOM rantrantrant FOR FRICKIN 12 HOURS

Hinata part by yoon, Naegi part by yui

"So pretty. Like a princess."

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